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Create Your Custom Leadership Priority Kit

Since 1964 we have helped thousands of employers achieve their workforce productivity goals. We believe everyone prospers when our workforces are thriving, so we are sharing our expertise and that of thousands of other employers in the form of a sampling of our customizable solutions and tools curated in this Leadership Priorities Finder.

Step 1: Select and Drag Any Number of Top Priorities to the Right

Step 2: Move to Rank Your Top Priorities in Order of Importance

Prioritize Your Priorities

In Step 3 and Step 4 you will be identifying which priority is the most important. As leaders, we have all likely applied a variety of prioritization methods to make an informed strategic decision about where we should allocate our efforts. We have selected the The R.I.C.E. prioritization method because it is often used by Agile teams and offers useful factors to consider:

  • Reach: Estimation of how many people or events will be affected by the activity.
  • Impact: Quantification of the contribution of the activity to the end goal.
  • Confidence:Level of certainty in achieving the desired outcome.
  • Effort:The resources required to complete the task.

Step 3: Rate from 1 to 5 Stars how effective the current situation is for each of your priorities.

Step 4: Consider your priority rank and effectiveness rating to drag here the top priority to focus on first.