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This is How We Work
Together to Hire Faster

73% of Employers Are Having Difficulty Attracting Talent4

  • Twice as many job openings as candidates
  • Millions have left the workforce (The Great Resignation)
  • Ghosting is up with candidates quickly receiving multiple offers

In response to the heightened competitive hiring market, our clients are acting quickly to avoid losing candidates to their competitors and increasing their costs of hiring.

According to survey results:16

Start with an Actual Single Point-of-Contact

  • Single point of contact supported by a tenured team
  • Focused on your priorities, skill requirements, and culture
  • No diluted or lost information or repeating needs
  • Shorter Times-to-Hire
  • Personalized service—ready to turn on a dime and solve unique needs
  • Quality Results

We are proud to call this personalized approach Healthcare Hiring Made Human®

Access the Widest Candidate Pool

Sourcing candidates happens 24x7 because our entire organization is built around sourcing, from our technology, staff, and corporate departments—it’s what we do.

  • Resumes within 24 hours
  • Talent from 25+ sources
  • Ready-to-work candidates
  • Personalized service—ready to turn on a dime and solve unique needs

52% of viable candidates do not actively use job boards1 Hand holding business paper.

Source List

  • Ad: CareerBuilder
  • Ad: Company Site
  • Ad: Craigslist
  • Ad: Dice
  • Ad: Google Jobs
  • Ad: Indeed
  • Ad: LinkedIn
  • Ad: Monster
  • Ad: Newspaper
  • Ad: ZipRecruiter
  • Career Site Optimization
  • Employer Branding
  • Facebook
  • Friends and Family
  • Headhunting
  • InMail: LinkedIn
  • Job Fairs
  • Mass Email
  • National Recruiting Centers
  • National Shared Database
  • Meetings
  • Professional Organizations
  • Referral Program
  • Search: CareerBuilder
  • Search: Dice
  • Search: Indeed
  • Search: LinkedIn
  • Search: Monster
  • SEO (Google, Bing)
  • Twitter

Complete the Hiring Funnel

There is no “perfect” candidate in a talent shortage.

  • We verify the hard skills and hidden deal breakers
  • Together, we get more time to ensure the vital soft skills

Choose the First Day Strategy to Win the Temporary

Because our proven screening funnel has been completed, our clients are hiring with confidence by using the First Day Strategy

First 1-4 Hours

  • Interview
  • Meet Team
  • Job Shadow or easy tasks

Last Hours

  • Give Job Tasks
  • Official First Day Success
  • You won!
  • See soft skills in action
  • More time to interview
  • The quickest way to hire

We can help you with hiring hard-to-find talent.

Determine Urgency Plan

The Best Candidates Are off the Market within Days

In response, we have developed efficiencies to ensure we budget our time and hiring expenses according to our customer’s urgency level to fill their job opening.

Urgency Ratings


Your Temporary job opening negatively affects your company and must be filled ASAP. Express rates allow you to jump to the front of the line for priority service.

2. One–Two Weeks

Your job opening should be filled soon so that operational gaps and production loss are minimized.

3. Focus on Fit

Your job opening requires greater attention on the soft skills that lead to a long-term team and/or organizational fit.

Action Steps

1. Communication Commitment Established

  • Blocked interview windows
  • Detailed post-interview debrief
  • Same day response time and decisions

2. Launch Recruitment Marketing

  • All's Well promotes the Employer Value Proposition with its existing pool of pre-screened and tested candidates pulled from our exclusive talent communities.
  • Average submission turnaround is within 24 hours.

3. Improve Results

  • Use the All's Well guided Interview Success form.
  • If it’s a temporary position, start the candidate on a working interview. This gets them “off the market” and quadruples the interview/ observation time from one hour to four hours. Only start billing that day if the candidate is selected.
  • If it’s a Direct Hire position, start the candidate on Thursday/Friday instead of Monday. This gets them “off the market” over the weekend. Use our investment guarantee to get a free replacement if the person is not a fit in the first 30 days.

Candidates are getting multiple offers. To hire candidates quickly enough, employers are investing additional recruiting resources.

Placement Success

The shifting workforce is responding to a lack of buy-in to employer value and a lack of vision for their long-term career. Hiring 2.0 means constructing a collaborative hiring process that amplifies an employer’s value proposition and integrates vital retention-minded tactics.

Step 1: Position Benchmarking

  • Complete a position Benchmarking profile of the hard and soft skills employees need.
  • We meet with you to understand leadership’s overall workforce goals and strategies.
  • Articulate the Workstyle and Culture Match aspects for better organizational fit.

Step 2: Employer Value Proposition

  • Take inventory and unite the interviewing team using the Employer Value Proposition.
  • Identify your Urgency Rating to kick off the right hiring partnership.
  • We deploy targeted job advertisements, social recruiting outreach, and passive networking.

Step 3: Interviewing for Retention

Step 4: Secure Onboarding & Engagement Support

  • Audited “Triple Check” attendance SOP and “QC Premise Visits” commence.
  • Candidate Care Framework commences. We reference the Career Level Engagement Plan.

of working employees are open to new opportunities when contacted by a recruiter.12Postit Notes on Whiteboard

Finally a No-Brainer Way to Hire Faster

Check the list; have we taken the risk out of finding your next employee so you can hire faster with confidence?

  • No upfront costs for our sourcing and screening.
  • Free to interview pre-vetted candidates.
  • Temps are backed by the First Day Strategy 4–hour working interview
  • Ongoing retention support with weekly QC and monthly 1-on-1’s

Temps are backed by the First Day Strategy 4–hour working interview.

What is your Cost of Vacancy?

Cost of Vacancy is more than $500 a day

According to 42% of respondents, unfilled positions cost companies more than $500 per day and positions take an average of 30 days to fill, resulting in an average cost of vacancy of more than $15,000 when employers hire on their own.

(typically 3 according to Harvard Business School)

(Annual Contribution ÷ Work Days)

(average 34 according to SHRM Study)