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Find Amazing Talent

From one-on-one interviews to background screening, All’s Well balances our focus on customer-service with a detailed, and assurance-minded system of checks and balances. Read below to learn how we continue to provide great matches to our client companies.

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Invest in our expertise! We don’t just pass along a resume to you. We source the best talent for your organization from our network of thousands of qualified candidates.


Medical Applicants

Quality Hires, Quickly

Finding the best talent without down time is important to minimizing the costs of procurement. No matter what you’re hiring for, we try to provide resumes within 24 hours of receiving your request. The typical employer finds candidates from two to four sources. All’s Well identifies talent from 15 or more sources. One of these sources includes our nationwide network of recruiting centers with Hiring Advisors who are incentivized to work as a team to get you the quickest result.



Personal Interviews + Vetting

During a candidate’s initial interview we gather as much about their experience, goals, and attitude as possible. We go beyond the resume to invest time with the applicant, because there’s only so much a piece of paper can say.


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Standards You Can Trust

We use the industry-leading provider of skill evaluation software, ProveIt!®, to administer assessments that are tailored to your specific industry. This means that we’re able to filter, and cross-reference our talent network, showing you the best candidates available. Our branch staff takes the time to understand an individual’s aspirations, talents, past experiences, and more, allowing them to be placed in a position best-suited for the both of you!


View Medical Records


We require all potential candidates to provide their employment history with a minimum of two positive business-related references. Once verified by All’s Well, these references can identify past workplace behaviors and tendencies that help us determine if they will be an ideal match for you. At the client’s request, we can also conduct a full background and chemical screening.

3 Ways to Hire

Whether you need one person, or hundreds, All’s Well has unique staffing programs and customized options that will work for your company. Below, you’ll find our primary hiring programs and simple guides for how they typically work and how All’s Well can integrate with your business.

First Steps with Us

We begin every engagement by getting to know you and your company’s needs. From researching your business, to meeting your staff and touring your facilities, we look at how we can build long-term relationships with our clients.

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01: Contact All's Well

You need someone efficient, reliable, and verified, who also needs to integrate well with your other team members. Request a free one-on-one consultation to begin the process, or to just get valuable feedback.


02: Your Hiring Advisor

When you team up with All’s Well you will be given your own dedicated Hiring Advisor, who will be your main point of contact and oversee the hiring process, from start to finish. Your Hiring Advisor will be chosen based on your industry and business needs, giving you the best opportunities for great candidates.

03: Schedule Visit

Next, your Hiring Advisor will arrange a time to meet with you at your business location. The goal is to have a conversation, within the context of where the assignment will take place, and to get input with everyone who has a stake in any new hire’s position.


04: Site Visit at Your Company

Once at your location, the Hiring Advisor will listen to your criteria and concerns, any hiring challenges you have faced, and observe your unique environment and company culture.

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05: Overview of Catered Solutions

We’ll discuss how unique hiring programs and options will add immediate and long-term value to your company. We will go over pricing and program options, and give you specific candidate profiles for you to begin to evaluate.

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06: Formalizing a Placement

Once the scope of the position and hiring program are finalized, your Hiring Advisor will guide you through our job order process in order to formalize the request and begin finding you the ideal candidate.


The Direct Hire Program

Our Direct Hire program has access to one of the industry’s largest healthcare candidate databases. We possess a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare market place, which makes us the best source to fill a long-term position. We conduct searches for staff, management, director, and executive level positions for the healthcare field.


The Temp-To-Hire Program

The Temp-to-Hire Program allows you and the candidate to assess each other during a trial work period of about 90 days. Evaluate how a placement works with your team and within the company’s culture, while on our payroll. If both of you feel like it is a good fit, then this program will lead to a full-time position for your company.


The Per Diem Program

Many times a company will have the need for a temporary staff member to fill gaps in their employment, or to have increased staff during a busy time of the year. If you are looking for candidates with a flexible schedule or need work quickly, this is a good program for you. We offer Standard Per Diem, Local Contracts (4 to 26 weeks), and Block Scheduling.

We Offer Many Additional Services in the Dropdown Selections Below:

Labor Dispute Coverage

During periods of Union and Labor disputes you can rely on All’s Well for all your staff coverage needs. We are prepared to assist and facilitate patient care delivery and operation of your facility during your time of crisis. We understand CMS minimum staffing requirements and are committed to you as a resource and partner.

EMR Transition Staffing

With government mandates focused on patient safety, All's Well Health Care Services understands that one of the larger undertakings for many healthcare facilities will be the shift to electronic health records (EHR/also know as electronic medical records/EMR). This required change means that a large portion of the medical staff will be in training for an extended period of time. Our Electronic Medical Records Transition Staffing services help facilities stay in-touch during their switch to high-tech. We work with our clients to maintain appropriate staffing levels, optimize budgets and share best practices that help ensure a smooth and successful implementation. Whether a phased or one-time implementation, small or large healthcare facility, our clients agree—having a competent staffing expert by their side was invaluable.

Whether your organization is making its move to electronic health records for the first time or simply upgrading a system that’s currently in place, our service has the flexibility to support your organization throughout your implementation period, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

With Our EHR/EMR Transition Staffing Service We Will:

  • Plan and adapt staff fulfillment based on your estimated “GO LIVE” timeframe.
  • Develop a solution based on whether your organization is going to implement in phases or all at once.
  • Work one-on-one with key members of your implementation team to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient strategy.
  • Assess the possibility for on-boarding of temporary staff depending on volume and need.
  • Establish supplement staff assignment length based on initial training period.

At All's Well, we have a long history of pioneering processes and staffing solutions for healthcare facilities nationwide. As a result, we are confident you will find our EHR/EMR Transition Staffing to be another value-added service that you have grown accustomed to receiving from All's Well.

Flu Clinics Staffing

Every fall, millions of people across the nation stand in line to receive their flu shot since it’s still the very best way to stay protected. On-site clinics are a great way for corporations, Physicians, senior living facilities, health departments, and retailers to get involved with their communities and manage the increasing demand for flu shots.

All's Well Health Care Services provides staffing services for these on-site flu clinics to corporate, retail, and medical facility locations throughout the nation. In addition to providing staff for flu clinics nationwide, we also offer staffing services to support wellness fairs, health screenings, immunizations, and employee education programs. All's Well staffs flu clinics with highly trained All's Well nurses. Our nurses are All's Well employees, who have successfully completed a rigorous screening and skills testing process prior to being hired.

Government Clients

All's Well Health Care Services provides medical staff, occupational health, and nursing services to federal agencies nationwide. We have longstanding business relationships with federal government departments, including the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers. With our dedicated team of professionals, All's Well provides focused contract management solutions, accommodating all procedures required for federal government agencies.

All’s Well Government Services

All's Well Government Services staffs supplemental healthcare professionals in government agencies across the nation. We are a privately-owned, for-profit organization, incorporated in the State of California. Our unique ability to deliver long-term and contracted medical professionals, as well as an abundance of qualified and pre-screened per diem and part-time staff, gives All's Well a strong understanding of the expectations of providing contract healthcare staff in state and federal government healthcare facilities.

With our dedicated team of professionals, All's Well provides focused contract management solutions accommodating all procedures required for federal government agencies. Our core competency of strategic recruiting and optimal customer service distinguishes us from other staffing agencies. All's Well commitment to exceeding the needs of our clients is extended at every level of our service delivery system. All's Well is capable of staffing individual requirements as well as complete departments, entire healthcare facilities, or a nationwide network of facilities. Our ability to provide highly qualified personnel within the entire spectrum of the healthcare delivery system is enabled by the size, scope, and financial stability of All's Well.

Managed Staffing

Our Preferred Vendor Management Program includes assessing current suppliers, their rates, and quality and services standards. All's Well Health Care Services will use this information to negotiate preferred supplier contracts and ensure your business receives the best rates possible. Standard preferred vendor contracts are implemented and administered by All's Well, ensuring consistency and reducing liability related costs.

Case Study: Medical Group in California

All's Well has enjoyed a successful partnership since 1996 with one of the best rated medical groups in California. In 1999, All's Well was awarded a contract to become this medical group's Primary Staffing Partner utilizing our On-Call Staffing Program.


All staffing requests were decentralized and there was no official tracking of temporary usage, by a central source. In addition, the medical group needed assistance in mainstreaming their entire temporary staffing pool from the ordering source to the alternate vendors to accounts payable.


By utilizing All's Well’s On-Call Staffing Program at the medical group, All's Well was able to provide two Dedicated Account Executives as well as a Quality Manager to manage our staffing partnership. All's Well created a Temporary Requisition Form Template for the medical group to download on their internal systems for all Supervisors/Managers to have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to complete a requisition for their department needs which they e-mail or fax to All's Well. By utilizing this form, we centralized all the temporary staffing requests and increased the medical group's productivity and decreased billing errors and no-fills.

On-Call Services Program

To Further The Success Of Our On-Call Staffing Program With The Medical Group, All's Well Compiled A List Of Approved Vendors Who Not Only Met Our Criteria, But Also Matched The Level Of Quality To Which The Medical Group Has Grown Accustomed. All's Well’s On-Call Staffing Program Consists Of Single-Source Invoicing, Payrolling Processing, Orientation And Behavior Maintenance, And Overall Compliance For All Approved Vendors.

Ongoing Cost Analysis

All's Well recognized that cost control was a priority for this medical group. For this reason, we incorporated consolidated billing. All reports provided to the medical group include all vendor activity and are vital factors to our continual analysis of their spending and cost control.

Customized Orientation

To further guarantee client satisfaction, each temporary associate placed at the medical group undergoes a 20-minute orientation on group policies and procedures. Accompanying this presentation is an Orientation Brochure and job specific policies on injectables.

Transition Program

To assist the medical group’s managers and supervisors to embrace our On-Call Staffing Program, we designed a Quick Desk Reference Guide and conducted introductory meetings with their hiring managers and our dedicated account executives. The Quick Desk References Guide was an essential tool, allowing us to provide the medical group with tangible material to read through at their convenience in order to answer any questions about our partnership with their company. The introductory meetings were crucial as we were able to put names to faces and learn more about each of the personalities we were to deal with on a daily basis. This process facilitated our goal to familiarize our dedicated account executives with the medical group's hiring managers and supervisors.

Steering Committee Meetings

To keep lines of communication open and maintain a strong staffing partnership, we meet with group managers and supervisors on a monthly basis to discuss any challenges or issues that might have occurred the month prior. We also utilize this time as an open forum to allow everyone to share their ideas on how to improve and make all of our jobs easier.

Partnered Staffing

Through a complete outsourcing of all your staffing needs and management responsibilities to All's Well Health Care Services, our Partnership Management Program will offer the advantage of our extensive experience in the staffing industry as well as the benefits of a single-source contact, technology, consolidated invoicing and reporting, and streamlined pricing. Our clients are able to take advantage of the expertise of multiple staffing agencies while relying on All's Well for complete management support.

School Nurse & School Health Therapist Staffing

All's Well School Health Staffing Services are designed to meet the needs of school districts by providing cost-effective and dependable school nurse staffing, as well as physical, occupational and speech therapists that support students’ educational advancement and a team-based approach to care planning.

All's Well healthcare professionals can coordinate and manage illnesses like the H1N1 virus or other flu strains, as well as typical preventive health issues and developmental educational challenges and can provide coverage for as little as two weeks or through the entire school calendar year.

These highly-trained school healthcare professionals have experience working in a variety of settings including pediatrics, emergency, and children’s hospitals.

Benefits Of Working With All's Well’s School Health Staffing Services

Like you, we recognize that having high standards for selecting those school health professionals that will work with children and youth is critical. At All's Well, providing quality staffing is both our commitment and our promise. All of our school nurse staffing and therapy professionals go through a comprehensive clinical review and background screening to ensure they meet your criteria, as well as our own stringent testing, experience, and training standards. When you work with All's Well’s School Health Staffing Services you can count on us to:

  • Source, screen, and select the most qualified school nurse staffing and therapy professionals from our vast local or national pool.
  • Assess and match your school health services needs to the academic calendar year and your budget requirements.
  • Provide flexibility to meet changing and evolving school nurse and therapist demands within your district.
  • Foster better staffing continuity and community support.

We support a range of positions including:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practitioner Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Physical Therapy Assistants
  • Certified Occupational Therapists
  • Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
Free Workforce Assessments Staffing

All's Well Health Care Services provides assessment and analysis of healthcare workforce issues that impact not only delivery of care, but the bottom line as well. Our approach to helping healthcare facilities achieve their financial targets while maintaining an optimal and competent nursing workforce includes the following comprehensive analyses of the following workforce data:

  • Cost analysis of core staff, overtime, and registries
  • Analysis of turnover and replacement costs
  • Analysis of HR Recruitment Plan
  • Analysis of length of time to fill vacant RN positions

Our Workforce Assessment will help facilities develop a plan to manage vendors and reduce external staffing costs.

If you’d like better control of your agency cost, shift coverage, and utilization reporting, inquire about our free workforce assessment.

How We Work

At All’s Well, we operate by a certain set of principles and expectations that have allowed us to build lasting relationships with our clients through the years. At our base values, we’re committed to lending our expertise to helping you find solutions to the problems you face today, and in the future.

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Your Company, Your Culture

Resumes being equal, the difference between a great hire and an average one is often a question of how well they fit into your company’s culture. Our Hiring Advisors take the time to understand the workplace, environment, goals, and team of the companies that we find placements for.

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More than Metrics

At All’s Well, we go beyond the resume to find out as much about a candidate’s experience, goals, and character as possible. What atmosphere do they thrive in? Where has their career path brought them too, and where will it take them in the future? A successful placements isn’t just about analyzing what’s in the resume, it’s about finding a lasting relationship.

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Expand Your Company Footprint

We know that most companies aren’t in the business of staffing. For decades, we’ve worked very hard to develop the footprint, expertise, and agility to support the demands of companies both small and large—finding the right talent wherever they might be. We believe in sharing our network to truly become your network.

Double Helix

Awareness and Exposure

When your business needs a new team member, we don’t think of it as "filling a position." Our approach is to get the word out about why your company is amazing. It means creating awareness and exposure around the values and culture that will attract interest from top candidates in the long term. We don’t just hire for your company, we market you as well.

How do you find, identify, and select talent (what is your process)?

Our ability to attract talent starts by recognizing that the applicant is the center of our universe, so all of our systems and processes have been optimized to attract talent and provide the best experience possible. As a result, most people come to us through referral. We find that when we are successful at helping somebody achieve their career goals they send us several higher quality professionals so that our available talent pool grows exponentially.

Our hiring advisors are active members of their communities and maintain active relationships with professionals and networking groups related to the key industries and job functions for their areas of specialization. Additionally, our recruiters receive annual certifications in social recruiting to further expand our ability to find and interact with top caliber professionals. Often these professionals aren’t even looking for work, so somebody who was limited to advertising would never have access to these people.

To further fill our talent pipeline, we conduct job fairs, utilize dozens of advertising sources, and leverage multiple other recruiting sources to ensure we have talent with the skills and attributes most needed by our customers.

When it comes to selecting talent for you, Your Hiring Advisor starts by conducting a complete needs assessment including sales and production requirements, 90 day scope of work, team composition, and customer styles. This structured process helps us develop a deeper understanding of the role’s impact, and often reveals key details that do not always make it into a formal job description.

Your Hiring Advisor will come to your site and conduct what we call a Synergy Scan, which allows us to identify the key employee attributes needed to fit in long-term with both your team and your customers. This often involves profiling the most productive employees in the department to develop a keener sense of what skills and abilities result in engaged and successful employees. The Synergy Scan helps us frame the job opening into an appealing opportunity to attract solid candidates.

We’ve invested in the best tools and processes to provide the highest standards in talent benchmarking. Our branch staff takes the extra time to learn an individual’s aspirations, talents, skill level, past experiences, preferred work environment, and more, allowing the applicant to be placed in a position best-suited for him/her. We require all applicants to provide their employment history with a minimum of two positive business-related references. Once verified by All’s Well, these references can identify past workplace behaviors and tendencies that help us determine ideal workplace environments for each individual. At client request we can also conduct full background and chemical screening.

What are your capabilities?

All’s Well is an ideal staffing partner with capabilities to service companies large and small. Our company is large enough to effectively compete on a national scale and small enough to deliver an intimate level of customer service that each client deserves. We are family owned and debt free which means we can remain flexible to your needs and provide services that are right for you. All’s Well’s client-for-life philosophy has enabled us to manage staffing services for large-enterprise client companies across a broad geographic footprint.

What kinds of positions do you fill (what are your specialties)?
  • Accountant
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Admitting Clerk
  • Anesthesiologist Assistant
  • Assistant Medical Office Manager
  • Back Office MA Supervisor
  • Biller - Collector- Level 1
  • Biller - Collector- Level 2
  • Biller - Collector- Level 3
  • Biller - Collector- Level 4
  • Biller - Collector- Level 5
  • Biologist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Case Manager - LVN
  • Case Manager - RN
  • Certified Coding Specialist
  • Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant - (COTA)
  • Certified Procedural Coder (CPC)
  • Certified Radiologic Technologist (CRT)
  • Certified X-Ray Technician
  • Clinical Chemist Scientist
  • Clinical Cytogeneticist Scientist
  • Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS)
  • Clinical Microbiologist Scientist
  • Clinical Toxicologist Scientist
  • Coding Technicians
  • Compliance Manager
  • Credentialing Coordinator
  • CT Technologist
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Cytogenetic Technologist
  • Cytotechnologist
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Dental Assistant
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Laboratory Technician
  • Diagnostic Medical Technologist
  • Dietary Aid (Office Only)
  • Dietetic Technician
  • Dietician (Office Only)
  • Dietician (Patient Setting)
  • EKG/Cardiovascular Technician
  • Eligibility Coordinator
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Emergency Room Receptionist
  • Executive Secretary
  • File Clerk
  • Financial Counselor
  • Front Office
  • Front Office Medical Asst. - Level 1
  • Front Office Medical Asst. - Level 2
  • Front Office Medical Asst. - Level 3
  • Front Office Medical Asst. - Level 4
  • Front Office Medical Asst. - Level 5
  • General Office Clerk
  • Health Information Administrator
  • Health Information Technician (Office Only)
  • Health Information Technician (Patient Setting)
  • Histotechnologist/Histotechnician
  • HR Assistant
  • Hygiene Assistant
  • ICD-9CM Coder
  • In-Hospital Patient Mover
  • Insurance Verifier Representative
  • Junior Secretary
  • Lab Specimen Processing
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Traveling)
  • Licensed Clinical Social Wrkr(Non-Traveling)(LCSW)
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse
  • Limited X-ray Technicians
  • LPN/LVN Supervisor
  • LVN
  • LVN - Supervisor
  • LVN Patient Care. - Level 1
  • LVN Patient Care. - Level 2
  • LVN Patient Care. - Level 3
  • LVN Patient Care. - Level 4
  • LVN Patient Care. - Level 5
  • LVN/LPN Case Manager
  • LVN/LPN Case Manager (Clerical Only)
  • Materials Manager (Office Only)
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Assistant (BOMA)
  • Medical Assistant - Front Office ONLY
  • Medical Assistant- Level 1
  • Medical Assistant- Level 2
  • Medical Assistant- Level 3
  • Medical Assistant- Level 4
  • Medical Assistant- Level 5
  • Medical Biller
  • Medical Biller Manager
  • Medical Claims Examiner
  • Medical Claims Manager
  • Medical Claims Processor
  • Medical Collector
  • Medical Collector Manager
  • Medical Coordinator
  • Medical Director (Office Only)
  • Medical Director (Patient Setting)
  • Medical Instructors
  • Medical Insurance Verification
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT)
  • Medical Office Manager
  • Medical Office Manager (Office Only)
  • Medical Office Manager (Patient Setting)
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Medical Record Clerk
  • Medical Records. - Level 1
  • Medical Records. - Level 2
  • Medical Records. - Level 3
  • Medical Records. - Level 4
  • Medical Records. - Level 5
  • Medical Secretary
  • Medical Social Worker (Non-Traveling) (MSW)
  • Medical Social Worker (Traveling) (MSW)
  • Medical Technologist
  • Medical Transcriber
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Mental Health Assistant
  • MRI Technologist
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist (NMT)
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP/CRNP)
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Ophthalmic Assistant
  • Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician (OLT)
  • Optician
  • Optometric Technician/Assistant
  • Orthopedic Technician
  • Patient Registration
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Payroll Service/Clerical (Payroll Accommodation)
  • Pharm. Tech/Assist
  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Technician. - Level 1
  • Pharmacy Technician. - Level 2
  • Pharmacy Technician. - Level 3
  • Pharmacy Technician. - Level 4
  • Pharmacy Technician. - Level 5
  • Phlebotomist (Non-Traveling)
  • Phlebotomist (Traveling)
  • Phlebotomist. - Level 1
  • Phlebotomist. - Level 2
  • Phlebotomist. - Level 3
  • Phlebotomist. - Level 4
  • Phlebotomist. - Level 5
  • Physical Therapist
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Physical Therapy Aid
  • Physician Assistant
  • Pulmonary Function Technologist
  • Purchasing Clerk
  • Purchasing Coordinator (Office Only)
  • QA Case Managers
  • Radiation Therapy Technologist
  • Radiological Tech. - Level 1
  • Radiological Tech. - Level 2
  • Radiological Tech. - Level 3
  • Radiological Tech. - Level 4
  • Radiological Tech. - Level 5
  • Radiological Technologist
  • Receptionist
  • Receptionist/Clerical Support
  • Referral Coordinator
  • Reg. Physical Therapist
  • Registered Dental Assistant
  • Registered Health Information Administrator
  • Registered Health Information Technician
  • Registered Nurse
  • Registered Records Administrator (RRA)
  • Research (Office Only)
  • Respiratory Technician
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • RN
  • RN - Advanced Registered Nurse Prcttnr (ARNP)
  • RN - Cardiology
  • RN - Case Manager (Office Only)
  • RN - CCU
  • RN - Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)
  • RN - Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist(CRNA)
  • RN - CM Director/Manager (Office Only)
  • RN - CM Director/Manager (Patient Setting)
  • RN - Dialysis
  • RN - Director of Nursing
  • RN - Family Practice
  • RN - Field Case Manager (Traveling)
  • RN - Flu Clinic
  • RN - Geriatric
  • RN - Health Educator
  • RN - ICU
  • RN - Internal Medicine
  • RN - Med Surg
  • RN - Nephrology
  • RN - Nurse Manager
  • RN - OB/GYN Clinic
  • RN - Occupational Health/Workers Comp
  • RN - Oncologoy (Chemo Certified)
  • RN - OR Circulator
  • RN - OR/PreOp/PACU
  • RN - Orthopedic
  • RN - PACU
  • RN - Patient Health Educator
  • RN - Pediatrics
  • RN - QM/QA Director (Office Only)
  • RN - QM/QA Director (Patient Setting)
  • RN - QM/QA Manager
  • RN - QM/QA Manager (Office Only)
  • RN - Safety Coordinator
  • RN - Supervisor
  • RN - Telemetry
  • RN - Telephonic Case Manager
  • RN - UM/UR Director/Manager (Office Only)
  • RN - UM/UR Director/Manager (Patient Setting)
  • RN - Urgent Care Clinic
  • RN Case Manager (Office Only) - Level 1
  • RN Case Manager (Office Only) - Level 2
  • RN Case Manager (Office Only) - Level 3
  • RN Case Manager (Office Only) - Level 4
  • RN Case Manager (Office Only) - Level 5
  • RN Patient Care. - Level 1
  • RN Patient Care. - Level 2
  • RN Patient Care. - Level 3
  • RN Patient Care. - Level 4
  • RN Patient Care. - Level 5
  • RN- PICU
  • RN-Utilization Review Nurse
  • RN/LVN Instructor
  • Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Senior Secretary
  • Sonography Therapist
  • Specimen Processor
  • Speech -Language Therapist
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Surgery Scheduler
  • Surgical Technician
  • Ultrasound Technician
  • UM Tech/Coordinator
  • UM/UR Case Manager
  • Utilization Coordinator
How will I be charged?

All’s Well has only charged clients after we have provided a result. This means you won’t receive a bill from us unless the Talent we provided is on the job with your company or on assignment.

Are you ACA compliant?

Yes, we are.

We have always made it our goal to consistently offer our customers the best talent, at the fastest pace and at the most competitive price. As many of our customers have expected, ACA creates incremental health insurance costs, a new benefits administration infrastructure, technology for automation and monitoring, engagement of experts, employee communications, and employer reporting requirements.

Our clients have been reassured that our dedication to risk mitigation and providing solution based services will consistently be reflected in our compliance toward the Affordable Care Act and all other federal and state hiring mandates. At a time with increased human resources administration challenges, they expect that we will bring even more added value to the outsourcing of their hiring process.

We remain committed to delivering the same quality of excellent service our customers have come to associate with us. United with our clients, we will continue to play a key role in growing domestic employment and economic growth up and promoting healthy employer and employee relations.

What we are doing to comply with the ACA employer mandate.

We will comply with the letter and intent of the law by offering affordable coverage for those individuals who meet eligibility criteria.

We have a long history of being able to attract and retain top employees. We will continue to offer a competitive benefits package to ensure we uphold our reputation of employing top employees. As an employer, we are responsible for making available ACA compliant coverage to our employees.

In general, the ACA will make it easier for non-traditional employees to secure health insurance coverage through an employer, or the Healthcare Exchanges. This should result in a greater supply of temporary employees.

We are committed to the legal and ethical management of our work forces pursuant to its provisions.

To fully comply with ACA requirements, we have:
  • Implemented automated technology systems to assess eligibility. This avoids diluting the recruiters’ time spent supporting the hiring needs of our customers and the placement needs of our candidates
  • Implemented an automated employee notification system with multiple points of contact for quicker employee service
  • Provided access to an enrollment platform for all eligible employees
  • Established Compliance Auditing
  • Developed multiple benefit plans available to provide employees with choices
  • Created a comprehensive benefit administration process via our internal Enrollment Department, and in-house licensed subject matter experts
  • Devised a technological configuration and build-out to accommodate:
    • Hours capture
    • Eligibility thresholds
    • ACA specific capabilities
    • Future evolutions of ACA mandates
Form I-9 / E-Verify Information

All’s Well participates in E-Verify. E-Verify is a web-based system that allows enrolled employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. E-Verify employers verify the identity and employment eligibility of newly hired employees by electronically matching information provided by employees on the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, against records available to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Clients can rest assured that we have followed all the requirements for the Form I-9 and E-Verify with respect to any associate placed on temporary assignment with them.

Could you describe your diversity programs?

As a certified diversity provider, All's Well recognizes that diversity creates opportunity as well as strengthens core business competencies. We have established formal EEO and Affirmative Action policies to promote the employment, recruitment, and provision of a diverse workforce. These policies combine with initiatives that ensure we are successful in meeting our own diversity objectives as well as the diversity goals and initiatives of our client companies.

Diversity through Innovation and Community Engagement

  • Targeted campaigns to attract Diverse Candidates
  • Sophisticated internet-based diversity sourcing through established job boards
  • Consistent pipeline of pre-screened and benchmarked diverse candidates
  • Strong involvement with local, professional/civic diversity organizations


Patricia S.

Working for All's Well has been great! Everybody there is wonderful and very helpful Stephanie Smith, Stephanie Chidaine and Rachel are the three people I have dealt with the most and they are awesome I will recommend anyone I know to this agency. I find it amazing not to meet none of the staff and they still go over and beyond for their employees. Love you guys for all you have done for me.

Nancy F.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to let you know how wonderful it is to work for people like you. It has been a really good experience working with the ARIA Physician Offices. Being placed as a temp has given me time to work and improve my skills such as the EHR, and Phlebotomy, but most important interacting with the patients which is one of the best opportunity an MA could have. The service you provide is great and I have you thank for. You are on the ball! Reliable, always reaching out to get me scheduled and getting the info such as times and locations to me on-time. I don't know what I would have done. I admire the personal and professionalism you project in representing All's Well.


Barbara G.

I am a new nurse with All's Well and wanted to let you know what a positive experience working with Ana has been. She has been extremely professional and responsive in every step of the hiring process from the moment I responded to an online posting for a specific need. When we met in the office for the first time, she took her time with me to get to know me, my skills, experience, and my professional interests and goals. I appreciate her sincere interest in me and finding appropriate placement opportunities. I look forward to working with her and building a relationship that is rewarding for All's Well, myself, and the clients you serve.

Kindest Regards

Mariana J.

Hello to the staff of All's Well. Just wanted to say "Thank You" for all your time. I also, wanted to compliment your great service and great energy. In an effort to get me hired, your team is professional and efficient!

Thank you

Bernadette K.

Dear Samantha,

Thank you so much for helping me with the opportunity to work with B&T! I'm glad you found my resume . Hoping to update you in the coming weeks.


Thank you Samantha,

You do the nicest things for people! And you're appreciated more than you know!

I appreciate you helping me find a great job! I'm looking forward to starting a new life there @ CHEN.


Thank you for all you do. You are amazing.

Best Regards